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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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homes in liberty township flood for the second time in a matter of weeks.families on kyles station road woke up in the middle of the night with water in the lower parts of their homes.crews says another water main line broke around three o-clock this morning. butler county says it will pay for any damage the break caused. a bald bandit is on the run! police say this man is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of hair growth the mid-west! west!but is it all for him? nine on your side's t-j parker looks at what is being done to catch this serial robber! t.j.: "mt health police are asking for you help, tonight, in identifying a man who they say stole hundreds of dollars worth of hair products at several stores across the tri-state including the walgreens here on hamilton
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police are sharing this photo- taken from a mount healthy walgreens- of *this* man who they say stole almost 900 dollars worth of rogaine hair products- just from this store, alone. chris jones/detective: "57:27 we're scratching our head on this, no pun intended i guess, in trying to figure out what, or what is it about the rogaine" mounth healthy police detective, chris jones, tells 9 on your side the man picked up several boxes of men and women's rogaine- went through different aisles to take the product out of the box- and then hid it in his clothes- before running off. chris: "57:04 we haven't determined how large this is but we can say right now that multiple agencies are involved"jones believes this man is responsible for stealing thousands of dollars worth of rogaine in cities across the midwest. he doesn't believe the man is using this for himself- but rather- reselling the product online. he's working with several police agencies to try and catch this guy. chris: "59:05 you start to wonder what is motivating this subject to go in and stealing these products"jones says police can't rule out drugs as a possibility for the thefts- but says he can't say
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motivating factor. t.j.: "if you have any idea on who this man may be, you're asked to call mt healthy police. in mt healthy, t.j. parker, 9 on your side." new information on the murder of an inmate at the lebanon correctional institute. police say luther wade was hit in the head multiple times with a concrete block. started as a fight yesterday afternoon with another inmate. police are questioning a person of interest. interest.luther was serving time for an aggravated burglary charge. a tri-state township fired its police chief after only one year on the job. job.rick combs was appointed chief in december of last year. the board of trustees voted to terminate him - only saying they want change at the top. in a statement - interim township administration steve pegram sites revenue as an issue saying a levy is needed on the 2016 ballot. some monkey business at a local recycling plant got a little out of hand this morning.reports of a baboon
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attention of rumpke officials, as well as our own scott wegener. "we had an unusual incident here this morning."it appears that an employee was monkeying around at the rumpke recyling plant in colerain."we discovered that it was just a practical joke."the joke made it to our newsroom, when delores caldwell told us she heard there was a baboon loose on the property and the zoo tranquilizers. actually the zoo was never contacted--neither were the police nor the humane society. the alleged maurading monkey was tracked down by rumpke's own staff, and was not going anywhere on his own."my friend here, who's a stuffed animal was brought into our facility, and some of our employees had it displayed, and took some pictures and sent to family and friends which is now circulating around social media."molly yeager says even though this particular plush primate was a prank...."we see a lot of weird things come into our facility."and some of those things *are* alive."we once had a iguana come in."so,
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to the list that says what we can and can't put in our recycling bins.not just for efficiency, but apparently so high spirited workers won't be tempted to cause mischief. "so we don't have a social media outburst like we had here today."scott wegener, nine on your side, cincinnati. a blast from reds history past shows up to spring training camp!nine on your side sports anchor ken broo reports on who it is from goodyear, arizona! ((broo track))his reds tenure was only for a short time. but it was a good time. lou piniella, is in camp with the reds, the last manager to lead a reds team to a world series win--sot up full((piniella: i look forward to being here a few weeks in the spring. and then, joining the team from time to time during the season))((broo track))piniella proudly wore his 1990 world championship ring today, as he mostly soaked up the first training camp he's been to in awhile.((broo stand up)) piniella says hes had a couple of chancesa to manage since leaving baseball but says he no interest on that side of
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to observe, point things out, maybe help a little with hitting instructing--sot up full((piniella: i guess they said who is this old guy. heh he heh that's in uniform. i've got the right title: senior advisor))((broo track)) and just in case piniella happens to show up in a reds dugout in uniform....highly unlikely...don't expect any encore performance of his infamous base toss--sot up full ((piniella: film doesn't lie. and, ah but if i see it and i see it coming, i usually switch the station. i don't wanna watch it))((broo track)) in goodyear arizona, with the reds, ken broo, nine on your side you can follow ken broo and keenan singleton on facebook and twitter for constant reports from spring training camp.they'll be in goodyear, arizona all week. next at 5-30...wild weather. weather.tornadoes and snow all hitting at once...millions in mother nature's path.a look at the storm zone ahead! ahead! and pocket explosion.what this
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kentucky gas station.who came to the rescue... coming up.. i'm john matarese. could you spot a used car that has been in a flood?just ahead.... i'll put tri staters to the test: to see if they can identify a flood damaged car.wait till you see what they said.
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is dead and two more seriously hurt after a shooting this afternoon.the park county sheriff's office says the deputies were serving an eviction notice at a home just south of denver.deputies killed the man who shot one of their own.the man is well known in the community and has been fighting foreclosure for years! the man at the center of a huge explosion in an indianapolis neighborhood could get a life sentence in prison. prison.a jury convicted bob leonard junior on 51 charges stemming from the 20-12 explosion.two peopled died. more than 80 homes were damaged.leonard will be sentenced next month. warning.">tonight the clean up begins just as new storms move across the south.that couple rode out a tornado inside a closet... as the twister blew through pensacola, florida. and just east of us... parts of indiana are getting hit
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fell across the northwest part of the state... near chicago! another batch of rain is likely this evening. as from west to east, a wintry mix will ensue before snow begin overnight into thursday will be on the ground for the morning rush. while we could see 1" - 1.5" of accumulating snow, a substantial amount of snow will not accumulate because of the wet and warm surfaces. it's mainly on elevated surfaces like your roof, mailbox and roof of your vehicle that you'll notice this snow sticking. a middletown mother found dead inside her vehicle with her baby in the back seat.... right now the new information we're learning.flood-damaged cars... transported here...and sold to people like you...(sot) "they both look good to me, i can't tell."next..john matarese explains how to spot when a car has been under water... so you don't waste your money. you're watching 9
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car buying season is now underway in the tristate! but could you spot a used car that has been in a flood? flood?consumer reporter john matarese puts tri staters to the test.but first... a popular tri state health clinic is hacked. john? tanya....patients of the mayfield clinic, a cincinnati spine surgery center, got quite the shock last night. night.they received an urgent message telling them they're overdue on a 7 thousand dollar bill, and need to pay immedaitely!today, the mayfield clinic says a third party company that handles its newsletter was hacked: private patient info was never compromised.
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tri state.but if youre looking for a used car, could you spot one that was in a flood?we put tri state shoppers to the see if they could recognize a flood damaged car. two used ford fusions: one red, one burgundy.but one of them is holding a secret! "this car was under water."but thanks to a great clean up job.... job...."from the outside, this car looks immaculate." immaculate.""on the surface these cars these two cars look almost identical. clean engines, spotless interiors, but it's what lies beneath that you have to be concerend about. about."water definitely got into the engine, it got into the soft parts of the car, and the spare tire wheel well."but when we asked shoppers like lynette martin - at princeton plaza tri county - to figure out which car was damaged.... damaged...."can you tell by looking at these cars which one is the good one and which one was the bad one? not really!"carfax says thousands of flood damaged cars - from texas other places -- are lots. "they can easily be moved here and unfortunately resold to unsuspecting consumers."so carfax's chris basso showed us some of the warning signs of flood damage....starting with
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rails."one of the first things you want to do is look at the metal parts of the car. the seat rails in particular." another red flag: headlights foggy on the inside. inside.the seals in the headlight have already failed." and deep in the trunk: dampness. dampness."there was standing water in here that was all cleared up and dried." dried.""when you lift up the carpets you can clearly tell there's moisture sitting on the spare tire."unfortuantley, many buyers never notice. notice."they both look good to me, i can't tell."this family never noticed the mildewy smell in the red car: car:"did you smell anything, did anything? no, nothing." only when one car failed to start did they suspect a problem. problem."theres no battery, the battery's dead!"good catch: electrical problems!so how can you protect yourself? basso says start by ordering a carfax or similar history report. report."it's properly identified, there is a red flag that says this car is flooded."even then, though, nothing beats an inspection by a mechanic.zac sweeeny ofj ake sweeney automotive will look over any car for a hundred dollars or so. so. "get it inspected by a certified dealer. its small fee, but it will save you a lot of time and headache down
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could fall in love with the red car.... only to learn later.... later...."this car was flooded. oh! it was up to almost the dashboard in water." finally its you win wednesday...and tongiht we have some leap year deals next monday the 29th. 29th.ace hardware, 29 percent off with coupon...banana republic, 29 percent off with coupon.and mcdonalds...dis counts vary by location. location.those and more freebies on so you dont watse your money. it's been a rainy day off and on...but we could see more overnight! overnight!nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is tracking the storms. another batch of rain is likely this temperatures begin to cool from west to east, a wintry mix will ensue before snow showers start.wet snow will
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morning. not much, if any, will be on the ground for the morning rush. while we could see 1" - 1.5" of accumulating snow, a substantial amount of snow will not accumulate because of the wet and warm surfaces. it's mainly on elevated surfaces like your roof, mailbox and roof of your vehicle that you'll notice
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new tonight - 40 percent of millennials say eating cereal it too inconvenient!yes - sounds silly... because all you have to do is pour cereal in a bowl and add milk. millennials say they don't like having to clean it up when they are done!and it's causing cereal companies to take a hit...sales are down 30
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next at 5-30!an e-cig explodes in a kentucky man's pocket. we'll show you the video... next. - a six week old puppy is shot 18 times by teens playing with a b-b gun! how he's doing tonight... and what his future holds, after the break! saving a life...the goal of u- c doctors -- who gave this man a *new heart*.hear from the man who is lucky to be alive -- and what this means for
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caught on e-cigarette explodes in a kentucky man's pocket!the owensboro man was inside a gas station when it went off!he runs outside and takes off his pants!someone runs out with a fire extinguisher and sprays him!he is recovering from second degree burns tonight! a six week old puppy is shot 18 times by a couple of teenagers!little brody was found with serious injuries at an apartment complex just outside of charlotte, south carolina. authorities say a 17 year old and a 14 year old shot him with a b-b gun! doctors say he is doing very
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of doing... are in very serious trouble. an arrest in a tri-state mother murdered -- bringing new hope to those left with so many questions. questions.nine on your side at six is next. carol williams joins us with the stories we're working on for you. that woman was found shot and killed -- with her baby in the backseat of her car. car.and tonight -- we're hearing from that child's father.what he's saying to the man accused of killing the woman. and a firefighter shortage?the circumstances that leading to a startling idea... and what's
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developing now...justice coming closer for a tri-state family -- and a mother found murdered. "i'm happy they caught the guy but in the same sense it ain't going to stop what happened, it ain't going to bring her back. " "the new arrest... and more from the father of that child -- who spoke to the woman's killer after her death. rain -- then snow!a soggy day in the tri-state -- soon to turn into a snowy night.steve is tracking the timing of the precipitation. its a big night for xavier. tip-off against number one villanova is just an hour away. we're live at the cintas center.
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death... gets another chance at life thanks to tri-state doctors. "other than god, how can you thank someone for giving you life" life"more of his emotional story -- and why it's a major accomplishment for *everyone* in our region.nine on your side at six starts now. rain and snow in the forecast...something many folks in the tri-state don't want to see after a wet day. let's start with chief meteorologist steve raleigh in the nine first warning weather center. some isolated stronger to severe storms will be possible this afternoon in our very eastern spots where a marginal risk of severe weather is possible. this includes adams (oh), mason and robertson (ky) counties. wet snow will begin overnight into thursday morning. not much, if any, will be on the ground for the morning rush. while we could see 1" - 1.5" of accumulating snow, a substantial amount of snow will not accumulate


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